I'm interested in making a hanging table. Similar to something like this- http://www.amazon.com/Coleman-Expone...etosecrpack-20

I might just buy one of these and just use the table part. It says 20oz. I'm wondering how much the table part weighs. I figure I could ditch the strap (hang it from my hammock suspension strap), ditch the clamps/hangers, and replace the rope with amsteel or zing it. I'm wondering what the end weight would be?

Does any one have any experience with one of these? How strong and stable is the table? They say it will hold 25 lbs.

If I did it myself what could I make the table out of to be lighter? I'm thinking flat aluminum strips with a piece on each end perpendicular but then how do I hold it together? In theory it would pack up small. Another thing would just be a solid table that didn't break down, maybe a cutting board but how thick would that have to be to stay flat?

I mostly overnight hike with my kids, to have a food prep area out of the dirt would be worth the weight on short hikes with them. Even a flat leg less table would be nice. I guess I don't need to hang it, I could always find something in the woods to use as legs.