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Hey everyone,

I have been lurking in the hammock shadows for some time now. I love camping/ backpacking but have never had a good nights sleep in a tent. I only do one or two big trips a year, but its enough for me to want to explore other options.

From what I have read on the forum and from talking to others, Warbonnet is probably the direction I will be going. I had aspirations of making my own, but I think i might save that project for a rainy day.

If anyone here lives in the Charleston area, I would appreciate an opportunity to check out some gear first hand. Its one thing to read a review, actually seeing and touching a product is different.

Thanks for all the great info on the forum. I look forward to contributing and hanging in the future.

Welcome to the forums. We seem to have quite a few folks here from SC now. I am up in the Columbia / Irmo area but I like coming down to Charleston for a visit every now and then. Usually in the fall or early spring (less heat and fewer bugs).