I'm new to hammocks so someone probably already did this but here it is

camera battery is dead so i drafted it

this is supposed to look like a space blanket wrapped around the hammock from the ridge line... I had my 40 degree bag, thermarest pad inside my crazy crib and it was 37 degrees I was suprisingly warm, no cold spots, no waking up cold, I think this will hold up even colder and it's dirt cheap

getting cold and I'm improvising until more gear arrives in the mail, I'm considering a clark north american hammock because i like the idea of a built in, zippered weathershield, also like how their tarp locks down so I ended up simulating that last night by staking down my cheap space blanket which has tie down holes already on it, I'm thinking about putting velcro strips on the ends so i can shut it like the clark tarp

angled the ridgeline hoping condensation would flow out and so far it didn't build up, that made me wonder if that's why the clark tarp has that funky angle at the foot?

I had my tarp over this too but if I can find a bigger space blanket I almost wouldn't need one, at first I thought about just wrapping the space blanket around the hammock like a burrito which might be warmer but this worked well and gave headroom and ridgeline to hang stuff from, yay for cheap light weight space blankets