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    Props to Quest Outfitters

    I would just like people to know of the great service I got from Quest. I bought some small items, d-rings , mitten hooks grosgrain, etc and 12' of polypro strapping. My shipping cost was the web stated $5.95 which I was good with.
    I paid for it, and the next day they said they reduced the shipping to $3.95. Then when I got the package the 12' of strapping turn out to be 36' 24 feet more than I ordered. Maybe a mistake, but if not it was great service nontheless.

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    Quest Outfitters

    I always ask for First Class Mail or the cheapest shipping and Quest is happy to accommodate. On a large order UPS put a hole in a box so a few small items were missing. Quest promptly replaced the items! This is why I keep coming back for more.

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