Greetings, all. I am a new hanger (no time on the trail, a little in the back yard), looking to get more serious. I am from the Cleveland OH area, and will get most of my hammock experience while backpacking (when I can find the time). We had gotten away from camping for a few years; might have had something to do with sleeping on the ground. Looks like it's time to find a new way. Doing a 2-night trip in a couple of weeks to Cranberry Wilderness, in WV, and expect that I will indoctrinate myself into hanging for real then. My first backyard experience did not go great, but I think I am working a few kinks out (with advice from you, even though you didn't know it). I am using a Speer hammock and tarp, so you may see me shortly on that forum with more specific questions. Thanks for being a great resource and community, and thanks in advance for your help. I look forward to making this work.