Greetings, all. New hanger here. Of course, I have questions. I tried hanging in the backyard over the weekend in my Speer, with a section of closed cell foam (also bought from Speer) as insulation (about 25X42). It did not go well. The pad was very clammy and scrunched and folded every time I moved. On the plus side, I got a great workout trying to flatten it down and stretched myself out good, too. On the negative side, I didn't sleep. Before I overreact and go straight to an underquilt, thought I would solicit advice. I have seen the SPE design; is this an effective solution? What type of material should it be made out of? Any other solutions I should think about?

Other questions:
- had some trouble with constriction around the shoulders, too. Is that just a function of sag, or is there more to it?
- I had some discomfort in my knees, too, like they were bending the wrong way a little bit with the shape of the hammock. Lying on my side helped a little, but also felt like different torquing going on. Any suggestions?

All that and it was still more comfortable than sleeping on the ground. Thanks in advance.