Hey guys posted on here a few months ago> i have an ENO which ive spent many lazy evenings in so far. pretty much every time i put it up i fall asleep in it for a few hours and my wife has to come wake me up and bring me inside

However i did not want to take it camping though-No bug net (not too worried about the blood suckers just dont want to wake up with a huge bug crawling over my face). Brought the Hennessey Hammock when it was on sale in REI a while ago

I have managed to use it once but only for one night, went car camping with the family and strung the hennessey hammock up for myself-also took the eno for lounging
Turns out the family tent was not as waterproof as i remember so we ended up packing up before the second night rather than have my wife and kid (less than 2years old) flooded out. Sadly packed my very dry hammock up too --it was very comfortable!!!

Anyway what this post is all about.....I am looking to find a caring individual in GA (near woodstock/north of ATL) who wants to adopt an hammocker to show them the ways of the hammock. looking for a hang buddy to basically camp with one weekend that can show me different suspension configorations and get me started properly...not sure the wife is that interested, it took her long enough to like camping (and ive only done car camping)...it seems that when semi large hangs are talked about they seem to fizzle out in the planning stage.

anyone interested get back to me