The Claytor Jungle hammock came back. Apparently my neighborís son was not too keen on hammock hanging. And Claytor did finally send me an email with instructions for sending them back for a refund, but Iíve decided to keep them.

With the first one, Iím going to try adding a weather shield to be made from that waterproof material I got at Wal-Mart the other day. If I hold it up against a mirror and blow into it the mirror gets fogged, so Iím assuming that means it is breathable. But it is not rip stop.

Here are my plans for the weather shield. All suggestions for modification or improvement will be greatly appreciated.

Iím going to have a seamstress hem all four edges. Then Iíll use velcro to attach the bottom edges to the sides of the hammock and to close the ends up. Iíll put grommets in the middle of the end pieces so I can tie them to a tree to keep the position over the hammock.

I'll have the hems sewn tomorrow, then add the grommets and velcro myself.

Any advice?