I am very new and was in your place about 4 weeks ago and after reading post after post after post I made my mind up and bought a Clark North American. I have two just plan old nylon backpacking open air no bug net no frells hammocks and love camping in them. But It required me to carry a tarp and I did not know there were better tarps out there so I was using one of those heavy as hell walmart blue tarps. After reading all those post I bought the Clark and have spent the past 6 days in it sleeping in my back yard testing it for everything I can. I am a very hot sleeper so all I have been useing is a real cheap sleeping bag maybe a 40-50 degree bag and the weather here has dipped down the high 30's a couple of night this week with some wind. Like most people here they have there favorite's and that is what I based my opinon on. I like you am over 6ft tall and weigh somewhere around 230 -250 depending on what I am doing. I wanted a hammock that would hold my weight and give me room to strech out. I am a 4 season backpacker most of the time and i rarely see temp below 0 but in the past I have used like I said an open air hammock and traps and 0 degree bags of some kind. I also use the same thing in a two person tent which as of today will never sleep in another tent again if I can keep at all from it.

This forum and the people in this forum with out a doubt have been the greatest thing I have found and I am sure you will find out the same as you trex you way through all of it.

Make sure that you do you homework first look at quilty over price there are some good one's out there and in fact I am looking at getting a H/H very soon but my first real good Hammock was a Clark and I must say I have been very pleased so far with it this week we are suppose to get rain and I think gettin the XL rainfly with the Clark North American was a good idea and again my hat's off to those of them who help make that choice for me.

Oh as a side not the H/H will be a deluxe when I order it and it will only be used as a second for someone who need's one that backpacks or camps with me. I will be in the CONDO.

have fun take a good hard look at everything out there go to the manufacter's page on this forum click on links and read about what everyone is saying then make youself a hanger.

CODO's to all that helped me