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    anyone live near kansas city?

    i am new to hammock camping and HF. anyone live near the kansas city area?

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    woods ne
    Welcome to hammockforums. Nowheres near it.

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    Somewhere near Parkville, MO
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    From Somewhere near Parkville, Mo
    William Crane
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    Everything you need to know about Hammocks in vids and reading:
    Hammock in 3 minutes D. Hansen - It really is this easy to make a hammock
    Shug's Hammock Newbies videos - Takes you buy the hand and shows you in video
    The Ultimate Hang D. Hansen - now read about everything
    JustJeff's Hammock tutorial - more reference
    TableclothFactoryBlanks - shorter lengths available on sidebar
    The TurtleDog Stand thread - Hang anywhere.

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