ok folks have a question about using a second hammock under the one you sleep in as a way of creating a place to put insulation if ya don't have the bucks to buy an uq. anybody tried this in really cold weather? i''ve been doing this the past couple weeks in my yard but it is august and this is texas. so it hasn't been cold AT ALL i've been using a byer of maine 'chute hammock under my treklighjt double to put my wool blanket folded around a fleece sleeping bag liner simply because that's the way i keep it when not using it. i think this is a very viable and cost effective way to replace an uq and you could put whatever type insulation you wanted in the under hammock. leaves even would work i'd think. i did notice a considerable difference in temperature over the first couple times i slept in my treklight without any under insulation so i think this idea would work very well and could be a common man way to make up for the lack of an uq. sorry if this is somewhat wordy but i wanted to get all the info out in one post. so i guess what i'm wanting to know is if anybody has tried a similar setup in cold weather? any advice and previous experience would be appreciated guys thanks.