Hey everyone! Okay- I have to admit. I am AMAZED that there is a whole forum dedicated to hammocking and that there is SO much info contained here. It's amazzzzzzing!!!

I am a rope splicer and I have a little rope splicing biz www.splicesbynick.com. I splice mostly for arborists and recreational tree climbers throughout the world. I needed some quick facts about Zing-It, a line that we use to help set lines up in the trees and your forum was the first thing that popped up.

So in my other life, I am an outdoors enthusiast and I have a full time job at www.championsusa.com. I'm an outdoor adventure guide. I hammock whenever we go camping, backpacking, etc. I currently have a heavy but lovely hammock (stay tuned for video) and I think you guys are about to revolutionize me!

I'm glad I found you. If you have questions about rope splicing, I'm glad to contribute!