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    When I've used flat full underquilts, the fit issues I've found are along the legs...the UQ is snugged against my torso but there's a small gap under my legs. Cold legs mean cold feet.

    I've found that partial UQs have fewer fit issues...which means I have warmer feet.

    The full UQs that are darted or differentially cut have fewer fit issues than the flat ones...mainly b/c you can snug them up as tight as you want to and the down isn't compressed.

    So when I've had a great fitting full-length UQ, and when I've used partial UQs with pads under my feet, I've been very warm. It's more about the fit of the system than it is about a pad or an UQ individually.
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    Quote Originally Posted by beep View Post is likely that the same users (in cold weather) may have supplemental footwear (e.g. down or primaloft booties or extra socks) worn inside their sleeping bag or top quilt. I've also been known to sleep in my insulated pants as well.
    Me too, quite often. As opposed to the sleep naked to sleep warmer crowd. I just don't know!
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    I'm a cold sleeper so I've made my winter under quilt to fit my hammock from about my shoulders to my feet (I'm 5' so it's about the size of your average 3/4 quilt). My quilt is darted and differential to really fit the bottom and sides of my Clark. That being said, I can still manage to hang it loose if I want to and that changes it's temp ratings. If it's forcasted for really cold (that's subject to the temps in the South!!, not your Northern "cold" temps), so it's like around 20 degrees (and remember I'm also still in lots of humidity which means it feels even colder). Then I'll have my UQ snugged up and I can actually sleep with usually just thin silk longjohns on, no socks!! Now if the temps were "supposed" to be warmer and I've set the UQ up a bit looser and then the temps drop... If I don't feel like readjusting my UQ, I'll use my sit pad under my feet inside my hammock or I'll add wool socks or both if my feet continue to be cold. I found all this out while camping in the winter. The only way I know what works for me is to get out there and test it out. I did do some backyard testing of how my cold weather gear would work which came in real handy when I went backpacking. Still when I'm away from my house, situations can come up that are different than expected and I found it's easier to at least have some idea of what my gear could handle. And to have an idea of things I can do to adjust my gear. There's nothing worse than trying to spend a cold night not sleeping and get up the next morning and say, hey why didn't I think to try this.

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    any issues on the full length UQ's with the big and off center footbox of the blackbird?

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    Quote Originally Posted by swoosh View Post
    any issues on the full length UQ's with the big and off center footbox of the blackbird?
    No, the footbox doesn't affect quilt-fit. It is a fabric triangle sewn on to the side of the fabric bed of the hammock, to prevent the shape of the BB netting from creating a reduction in room above your feet. Quilts fit the BB exactly like they fit any other end-gathered hammock.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HobieCat View Post
    I've owned both 3/4 and full length UQ's. I actually prefer the full length (I have a StormCrow Incubator now) because I don't always sleep in a conventional straight line. Sometimes I'm fetal, sometimes I even like to fall asleep with my legs indian-style. Using the footpad would drive me crazy when it (or I) shifted. Another thing I disliked with the partial UQ's was the feeling of the shock cord under my thighs/knees - If it's really cold, you'll need to cinch these up to retain heat.

    It's a personal preference really... I don't mind the weight penalty (it's pretty minimal) for an UQ that is absolutely bomber IMO. The Incubator is a pretty amazing piece of work really.
    Hobiecat, like you, I seem to sleep in "unconventional styles" most of the time. I tend to wind up in the side or stomach/side positions quite a bit. Trying to keep the foot pad under my feet seems as though it may be more trouble than not with that style of sleeping.

    Judging by the posts, it's sounding to me that it is basically a matter of preference and if one has "cold feet syndrome", either 3/4 UQ+footpad or full UQ (no footpad), will work.

    Thanks to all for the input. Now I just have to decide which UQ, eh?

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