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    Quote Originally Posted by zim65 View Post
    Mine came today. I'm more than pleased with the quality. I'm 290 pounds been hanging in it all afternoon. Just a guess but I think this might be made in the same factory in China as the Byer. I could take pictures in the morning if that would help.
    I agree with stoik, but you already have guinea-pigged it for us, and yes, if you can, it'd be nice to have photos, and closeups. I believe you, if you've been lying in it and tried it it must be the same company. Wonder why is says Dubose Industries? As Stroik mentions, it seems like the ad on the link is sort of a Frankenstein of several other websites decriptions. Does it really come in other colors and have a 14.5 foot length range, though? Can u throw a tape on it and see?

    By taking the time and effort to post photos, it not only helps those of us on this thread now (heck, I'd even consider another one at that price from, just as long as my Visa number doesn't end up on the wall of a Nicaraguan whorehouse or something), but future hammockers will search and find this thread, or we can link it for them as there's always--and I mean always--a thread on here about hammocking without trees, and indoors, and all that jazz.

    No milk from nose here (yet)--let's see pics and thanks for posting about it, zim65. I gotta say, I honestly cannot fathom how any company can ship a 60lb (ad says 69lbs for yours) box for free and charge only $99 for what's inside it. Too good to believe, almost.

    P.S. Zim, your last name's not Dubose, is it? That's not your rogue website listing this stand, tempting us with $99 and bronze colors? (Just kidding, zim65, but you do only have two posts--the two on this thread...hmmm).
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