Greetings all!
I've been lurking for approx the last week and I'm amazed at the wealth of experience and information. I'm planning a short AT section hike in mid-Sept - all of MD SOBO. The purpose is to "dip my toe" before I attempt another AT all of PA hike next summer.
Although it has been a few decades since I've been hiking or camping, I do have have some outdoor experience/skills learned while growing up in the mountains of PA -- all the usual stuff -- scouting, fishing, hunting, hiking, camping etc.
I'm intrigued by the idea of "hanging" vice sleeping on the cold, lumpy ground and I'm exploring the idea of a very simple DIY hammock and quilt system before the Sept hike. I think I have read most of the posts already on home construction.
Any additional thoughts, comments, info, links, helpful hints, etc would be greatly appreciated.
Please be patient if I ask some rookie questions!
Thanks in advance.