I convinced a co-worker to go on another S24O, this time to Fisher Point. We mapped out an easy 9-mile route and planned to stealth on top of the cliffs.

We started off hiking at the mouth of Skunk Canyon around 1730, but the trail diverged somewhere and we found ourselves following a jeep trail on the top of the ridge instead of being in the canyon. Thankfully the jeep trail paralleled the hiking trail most of the way, but we finally had to bushwhack back down into the canyon until we hit the real trail and eventually to the foot of Fisher Point.

The whole area had really greened up with all the rain we've had, but when we reached the top of the point, we were afforded a real treat in the amazing views all around.

We looked around for a good site, but opted to stay right on the cliff edge (I've secretly always wanted to do this!). We built a LNT pan fire and had a blast at the top of the ridge.

We both had matching Grand Trunk Ultralight hammocks. My hiking buddy used one of my DIY Poncho Liner Under Quilts (PLUQ), and I brought along my IX underquilt from Mac.

The overnight low was around 50F (10C) and I found that the IX underquilt wasn't breathing as well as I had hoped. I was warm enough, but some moisture was hanging around in the IX UQ and would chill me a bit -- not enough to really wake me, but I was a bit disappointed.

On top, I had my Stormcrow Burrow. It's a thing of beauty. No complaints, only joy. It was perfect. In fact, to counter the chill from the IX UQ, I had tucked the Burrow snugly around me; it really did the trick to make up for IX. In comparing my last two trips with the IX UQ, I think I have a better idea of when and where to use this UQ.

Before drifting into blissful sleep, I caught a few dazzling comets that blazed through the sky. Overall, an amazing trip.