Got an HH Exped Asym as a birthday gift. I have long coveted a hammock for short hiking, kayak, and longer bike trips. I've read the HH site, poked round the net, and have searched and surfed through the HForums - pardon if these are easily answered newb questions... but I can't seem to find a 12 step program to get a hammock hanging right.

In the fading light tonight I tried to get a hang in the backyard.
Trees were small, I double wrapped them both.
They were at the limits of the hammock's line.

I started the hang as far as I could reach up the tree - I'm 5'8" tall, 195# (yikes! where did that come from??).
Managed to get the HH wrap tight, and the hammock snug.

Height of the HH was bar stool high. Opened the hatch and slowly got in. Managed to get fully inboard but knew that I was close to the ground, about 8" above. Getting out was interesting - nothing like 'sliding off a chair' as I've read on other sites.

Re-adjusted. Managed to get in again and ended up 12" above.
Played around for awhile... and packed it in when I couldn't see anymore.

Some questions, as this isn't as intuitive as I thought it would be:

What am I doing wrong with the hang?

When lying inside, on my back, how should I position myself in the A-sym? (head on the right - feet left, or head left - feet right?

Do folks stake down the hammock tie outs? The HH ties are shock cord - tie a loop and stake it out? How tight should they be (unloaded)?

And, what is, or where can I find the "Hammock's for Dummies" version of setting up?"

Thanks much...