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Thread: cuben bridge

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    DIY Cuben
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    cuben bridge

    Finally getting around to posting re, my cuben bridge H.
    .66 light green cuben (It is from an order I shared with Griz.)

    hammock and amstel rigging-5 oz
    2- 4 ft long 1 in poly tree straps 1.9 oz

    pretty std. construction , 5 in arc?
    in each end a nice sized storage area,in the end caps (just a continuation of the c, that I taped together ,dead easy)
    professionally sewed, (my female person will not let me in the same room with her machine!)
    I do not have a net, and will see how it works out. All my gear is permithrinized, (new word I just made up!), and I do have a fine head net if needed
    I hang all with knots, (virtually all are slipped for easy take down, and set up too)I have an aversion to anything metal! I use a ridge line sometimes to help these old bones maneuver around!

    1/2 in tube poly sewed in arc sides.
    I tore it down to weigh the pieces, hope to post pics soon. bridges are easy to construct, The arcs are sewed but the raw ends at the end caps are left as is, c is by definition rip stop!!! gnome

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    Pretty terse, but absolutely clear. Look forward to pictures.

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    6.9 ounces. wow. what are you using for spreader bars? look forward to pictures

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