Just completed a eight week motorcycle tour from NW Alabama to Alaska and return.

Part of my trip was a Penny A Mile Challenge in Support of Eldridge Children's Home in NW Alabama ... www.echbenefit.com

Penny a Mile from Eldridge to Arctic Circle...6430 miles...

My entire trip was 16,248 smiles (i mean miles)

We did camp about 1/3 of the time, and motel it as well...it was our plan.

No issues with campgrounds anywhere with my hammock.

I am still scratching my head about an issue with my hammock, but wanting to research the possible issue further before I come to a conclusion or cause.

All in all, no problems that I couldn't handle or fix. I do feel I had the correct equipment (tarp, hammock, UQs ) The orange bag you see in photo was design to cover the entire hammock system, then stuff into waterproof bag..it worked too! all I had to do was pull out of bag each night and tie it off...the UQ, pillow, over quilt was then ready...

Here are photos best viewed with slideshow... out of 2500 photos here is about 100 or so...