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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick the Splicer View Post
    Tina, we're gonna have to teach you how to splice an eye in the end of that amsteel!
    Have you modified your knot?
    Time to switch to a splice!
    OH Most Diffinately YES
    As soon as I learned how to make those Whoopies I learned about the locked brummell.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Knotty View Post
    Nick - Glad to have an experienced splicer contributing here and hope to get some tips from you but I have to disagree with what your wrote.

    7/64" Amsteel Blue is rated by Samson to a avg. strength of 1600# and a min. strength of 1400#. Rope is rated without a safety factor applied.

    Samson's instructions state a whoopie sing derates the rope to 60% but I checked with them and they've been doing some testing that shows the number is better, with the line retaining about 80% of its strength.

    In the end we're dealing with about a 5:1 safety margin. Possibly lower because we apply the rope in ways that create a very small bend radius. Still plenty safe IMHO,

    Hope this isn't coming off as confrontational, just trying to keep everyone informed and safe.

    Cool research. Thanks Knotty. Good to know. I was thinking it would hold around that much, but wasn't sure. Never needed to test it out either. Thanks mate.

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