Well, I've got another wild hair to yank out today. However, I could use a little help.

I was at the Salvation Army thrift store this morning (because it was next to the donut shop) and scored a Coleman synthetic rectangular sleeping bag for $2. . No idea what it's rated to or the total weight, but as soon as I saw it I had visions of a really cheap 3/4 length UQ (KAQ or Potomac Style).

Here is my dilemma; I've got everything I need to make this except the shockcord. Anybody know where I can find some WITHOUT ordering online? I've looked at Walmart and the local fabric shop; no luck. I'm all about instant gratification today (like that's a new thing) and really want to get started on this project. I've got a FULL calendar for the next several weeks so my window of opportunity is short. Any suggestions would be welcome.

For all you/us cheap people out there; this is a super way to get a UQ. Total investment should be less than $15 and that counts everything! I've already got the grosgrain, cordlocks, and biners lying around; the nylon and insulation come from the cheapo bag and who doesn't have 550 cord around the house? Shockcord, I need shockcord!

Considering getting sick at lunch.