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    3d model, custom hammock design

    About two hours after I tied a knot on each end of some fabric and tried my first gathered end hammock, I started wondering how precise of a fit you could get with a hammock. I started using a CAD program to create a model of my body. I then set two reference points that would represent the gathered points of the hammock. I came to realize that what I really needed is a 3d modeling software similar to Solidworks.

    I would imagine someone could map out a perfectly flat lie and then throw the dimensions back to a 2d plane representing the original fabric with a funky, but precise, cut pattern on each end. Add an inch or two for sewing in a channel and voila, it would perfectly map to your least as perfectly as possible.

    I have no idea if anyone has tried this, or if it's even practical. I just wanted to jot down a thought I had.
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    I'm liking the way you think..... But I am having trouble getting my head around the details.

    Mind you, its been a long day and I'm tired.

    Needs more input from better slept individuals.
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