I am 5'2" and want to buy an underquilt BUT I am looking for a little weight savings if possible. *spare me the UL is for dummies lecture por favor * Is there any place you wonderful Hangers know of that would make one shorter or that sells a shorter UQ? Also...My 20degree rated synthetic bag is a bit BULKY. I want to switch to down or get an overquilt. Has anyone found a less expensive less bulky alternative to the mummy bag? Or is Down the way to go...and IF down is the way to go...what rating would be sufficiant with a decent UQ? BTW: My marmot probably is rated more towards the 30 degree end of the rating spectrum. I heard that is not unusual and pretty standard for marmots rating system.

I thought about buying a campmor 20 degree down bag. Great reviews on WB as far as weight/warmth/value.