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    eBay Aust hammock

    Hi All
    What do you think of this hammock I have found on ebay here in Aus

    Quote Originally Posted by Adventure Force Jungle Hammock / Parachute nylon
    Parachute nylon Jungle hammock Used by troops around the world for the strength and protection from insects. Now you can use them to relax when camping at the beach or in your own back yard. The great design allows you to get inside, between the two layers of Parachute nylon. Which protects you from those nasty flies and other insects. Otherwise you can get on top like a normal hammock. The hammock is made of lightweight and strong parachute nylon. It comes in its own stuff sack and strong nylon cord. Available in olive green colour. The hammock is 224cm x120cm (7.35 ft x 3.94 ft) (deployed) and 21cm x 9cm (8.27 in x 3.54 in)(stowed) At only 400grams (14.11 oz) its perfect for backpackers, Great for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking or just relaxing.

    The recommended maximum weight for this hammock is 110kgs
    Looking at the photos it looks a little short to me and may not have a lot of space inside.
    Also I am not sure if the layer above that guy is nylon or a bug net, but no mention of a net in the write up.

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    That is short! Most of my homemade end up around 10' in length. No way I'd be comfortable sleeping with almost 3' less.

    But, short people need hammocks too!

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    The great design allows you to get inside, between the two layers of Parachute nylon.
    Looks similar to one I saw the other week. I wondered what the two layers were for and assumed it was for inserting some form of pad.

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