I have been camping for most of my life--the last 20 years out of my truck. I have a bed in the back as well as a big tent. My wife and I have always camped 'resort style'. I normally blow up a queen size air mattress and put a 4" thick foam mattess on top of that, cook on a 3 burner stove, eat steak, and carry a 40 qt cooler full of beer and wine so this labor day i'm taking a 10 day motorcycle trip. i did it last year too. this year i'll be using a hammock that has been shipped, a down bag that has been shipped, and a 1" thermarest i've had for 20 years. Being on a motorcycle i am not too concernned about weight but space is considered. I also have a new GPS on order and i hope to find a few backroads between helen ga and meadows of dan va during my week away, thinking that a hammock will open a few options. i am a master jury rigger as classified by friends and relatives. so i'm looking forward to using some of the garage items i've had for years in my garage for my hammock rigging. i've been lurking and researching this forum for a couple weeks as as whiteblaze. lot's a good stuff on both! 5 year goal is hike the AT bottom to top and a 2 month motorcycle tour of US--all camping. i'll be 63 then