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    ADK weekend trip suggestions near Chazy, NY?

    Hello All,

    I thought that I would throw this out here since I know some of you are more experienced with the ADK's and NY than myself.

    My sister is working at the Miner Agricultural Research Institute this summer and fall which is in Chazy, NY. She has shown some interest in doing a few weekend trips with me while she is working there this year, the first one looking like it may be this weekend.

    I was curious if anyone who has more experience with this area, may have some suggestions on places which we could go for a weekend hike and camp out in the nearby area.

    I'm looking for something which would allow us to camp on a Friday night with a short hike in from the road, and then on a Saturday night after a 8 mile or less hike. We would prefer to avoid any actual camp grounds and just do a stealth hang near a stream or other water source randomly in the woods.

    I have done some research but I'm having issues finding details about trails with maps, etc.

    Some of my research has pointed me towards 'Mt Lyon'. It looks like it could be a nice hike with a nice fire tower. However I haven't been able to find a good trail map showing me where it starts, if there are water sources nearby, etc.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions of cool spots near by.


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    There are plenty of places to go, unfortunately I'm not familiar enough with the northern Adirondacks to give you specifics. You might pose the question at Adk Forum if you don't get better info than I can offer here.

    One thing I can tell you is that camping at other than an approved campsite (ie stealth camping for you and I) must be done 150 ft. from a trail or water. Only down and dead trees can be cut. Here's all the rest of the DEC Rules.

    Have fun!

    PS: Sometimes it's better to be a hanger than others:

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    Hay Niloc! How are ya?

    I don't know the area around Chazy (I thought the only thing north of Plattsburg was Canada). However the map I have has alot of trails around Chazy Lake, Lyon, Johnson, Ellenburg Mountains, theres an old RR that was made into a trail. I don't know the condition of them or if they are open to the public, but you and your sister might enjoy some bushwacken. Get the New York Gazetteer and look on page 102. There is also Ausable chasim to take a tour of. I hope you have fun what ever you do.

    Oh and check out Google Earth there is alot of logging going on in the area of Chazy lake. But still looks good for a hike.
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    There is not much public land up in those parts for camping. For those who may not be aware, the adirondack preserve is a mixture of public, and private land. IIRC the trail to Lyon Mt is hiking easement and camping is prohibited, I could be wrong though. About 45 minutes south of Chazy Lake is the Taylor Pond Wild Forest which also contains a state campground. Outside of the campground are some marked trails and leantos. Catamount Mt is just to the south. As was mentioned dispersed camping is allowed 150ft from trails and water. Have fun!

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