Yeah, I tossed and turned for a while after I woke up, I tried all sorts of positions because I didn't want to give up so easily and go back into the house.

I do lay on the diagonal with my feet in the foot box. If I was any more of a diagonal, I'd have to stick my head out the zipper. I lay somewhat in a fetal position, more like a long "S". Just to clarify, I lay on my left side, and my legs felt like they were being bent to the right (up the curvature of the hammock). So my left knee hurt more than my right.

I think I just need to adjust the lay of the hammock. My back and torso felt so relaxed, it was just my legs that were getting bent weird. I even tried scooting up the hammock, but of course my torso slid back down to the middle more. I'll try some different suspension angles and try putting the foot end lower and higher compared to the head end and see how that works.

I've taken down and re-setup the hammock every other day this week so I can do it smoothly and efficiently when it comes to campground time. All my friends think I'm nuts for going to a hammock, so I want their first time seeing a real camping hammock setup to be impressive.