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    Quote Originally Posted by dvisic View Post
    This brings up a confusion I have about the SRL (I'm a newb myself):

    If the purpose of the SRL is to make the amount of hammock sag consistent, then wouldn't the SRL be taut when the hammock is hung? Otherwise, is it really doing anything? If the SRL isn't taut, isn't that providing for MORE sag than intended?

    Sorry if this isn't making any sense. I can provide a graphic if necessary. lol
    I think the ridgeline should be taut on the BB especially to support the bugnet. That's how I have it when I hang in mine. I was suggesting he try different sags to find his sweet spot. I should have elaborated to say that he should then shorten his SRL so he can find it consistently.

    If someone wants to have a super tight SRL, that's fine. If someone wants it loose enough to bend it 90 degrees with their fingers, that's fine. IMO as long as you can use the SRL to consistently get to your comfort zone then that is all that matters.

    On my lounging and dayhiking hammocks I have removed my SRL's because I can get comfy without them, and they get in my way. Others will say they can't hang without them and that is OK. In the end it is all about how you get your comfortable hang going and what works for you.
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