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    Thanks for this, wish I had seen it yesterday. After my first sewing session ever yesterday I can truely say I was NOT a seamstress in a former life. I was able to hem on a small gear hammock and almost finish a double layer hammock in about 5 hours.

    The hardest part for me was learning the concept of threading the machine followed closely by fold and sew vs pinning. Oh, and learning not to feed the machine but let the machine feed itself and only guide the fabric through. Beginning my next session I will sew the crud out of an old shirt for a good while before starting on my good material.

    Do you iron your folds before sewing or will this hurt the fabric?

    After I finish this double layer I want to get some good material and try a tarp.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonamesleft47 View Post

    Do you iron your folds before sewing or will this hurt the fabric?

    After I finish this double layer I want to get some good material and try a tarp.
    I almost never iron anything. I am not really worried about a crisp look and perfect seams. Some do and it makes it a little easier and often looks a little better. Obviously, you have to match iron temp with the material.

    I did iron a flat felled seam in a sil tarp once on a real low setting and figured I might have to buy my wife a new iron. Fortunately, I did not have to buy another iron, unfortunately, I don't think it helped roll the flat felled seam. That is one seam where I typically pin the first stitch in sil.

    The sil is tough to work with because it's so slippery and so lightweight. There are some tricks, but I don't think anyone likes to work with it. Stick with it and don't get frustrated. Ugly and functional is still functional and you will be much more critical of your work than anyone else will.

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    Once the original seam is sewn, even in sil there is not absolute need to pin anything as the fabric is stabilized and will not slip around on itself. If you really want the crisp clean lines then get a seam gauge and use it to fold and turn by hand.
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