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Rochford Supply has some 1.9 oz ripstop camo.

I confess I'm a sucker for camo. So I sprung for some of this woodland camo 1.9 oz ripstop, and also universal digital in the "Light weight nylon" variety. No weight numbers given, but universal digital is cool, worth a try.

Showed up today. The digital camo is advertised at 60" wide, I got 58". The woodland camo is advertised at 58" wide, I got 63".

The woodland camo is indeed ripstop, and once upon a time it may have been 1.9 oz, but there is a shiny water repellent backing (its the shiny surface you find inside many tarps), which brings the weight up to 3.2 oz / sq yd. Hadn't figured on that. Guess I'll be making stuff sacks for Christmas presents, maybe a tarp.

The digital camo is not so obviously coated, although it is surely very water resistant, and comes in at 4.4 oz /sq yd.

The digital camo could work I think for Dutch and his hammock / pack. Dutch, PM in bound.