I visited family in Michigan earlier this month. It was a 5000+ mile road trip with no camping or hiking but with three hammocks! (Calif to Chicago I-80, Chi to MI on I-94, then up to Traverse County and then over the Mackinaw bridge to Escanaba. Out the end of the UP and down Wisconsin, back onto 80 and then home. Yeesh!)

The hammocks came along because I remembered a beautiful treeline in the backyard and also that my sister always has a bunch of kids wandering in and out of the house.
Kids + hammocks equal fun!

My Warbonnet (right hand side) was off limits to the kids. However, it made a perfect refuge from relatives AND bugs.
There are two hammocks on the left hand side: my green homemade double layer is behind the red and blue hammock.

I have one end of my double parachute and one end of my home made green double layer on the same tree hugger (I did not bring enough suspension for all the hammocks). The red/blue hammock is on a Single Line Suspension with whoopie slings on each end (clove hitches around rings) so I just larks-headed a spare pair of ring suspension on the green hammock and retied the clovehitch around the two rings at the left hand end of the pair of hammocks.

The other ends of the green and red/blue hammock were each on their own tree.

The kids had fun.

They wanted to sleep out but the mosquitoes (which were FIERCE) changed their minds so they slept inside, where my dog entertained them by sleeping right next to them on the living room floor.
Faithless hound!

Gratuitous tourist photo: (Upper Peninsula shoreline between St. Ignace and Escabnaba)