I've been dabbling in hanging for about a month. For the sake of present and future Newbies, I will summarize my learning curve.

For a long time (years) I have been visiting Sgt Rock's site, I found it through an interest in alcolhol stoves. The cat stove (two cat food tins plus labor) is what got me there. But the hammock section caught my interest.Particulatily the Hennessy.

I monitored Ebay for months, but the Hennessy's always sold for over $100 plus S&H. That seemed like a bit much for a whim. A month ago, I found Risk's site with the test hammock directions.

I made one out of polyester fabric and tried to sleep in it. I couldn't do it. Between shoulder squeeze and the basic banana position I was done after three hours.

Then I found the forums and started to ask. More sag, you said. That helped.

Then someone found the Byer Mosquito Traveler on sale for $20. I bought one and after experimenting, I could finally sleep through the night. But---
Like all deals, it wasn't quite perfect. The Byers stretch with every use. I kept waking up with my butt on the ground. The folks here suggested ridge lines. They worked to a point. But, after a while, it took up an unequal set..

I refreshed my sewing machine skills.

It was terrible at first, but Jeff and others helped me debug my materials and technique.

Then I tried to modify my test hammock, but didn't hem it first. It ripped when I tested it.

I finally found the WalMart $1 area. With #50 Machine Quilting thread, heavy duty SINGER needles and bargain bin nylon ,I made a second hammock

Since sag and length seemed to contribute to comfort, I made it big. I used 4 yards of nylon and full width (58 inches) Hemmed it, tied it and hung it.

Now I can finally lie flat. With the above average diagonal I lie at, I begin to understand why the Hennessy's need side tie outs. As you get in and move to the sides, it feels like you are going to roll over and out. Once you are in position, there is really no risk of falling. The tie outs would hold the edge out and eliminate this sensation.

I may experiment with asymmetric cuts next.

I need to get off the back porch and into the woods for a real world test too.

That's coming soon.

Just thought I'd share my experience. I Hope it helps someone.