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    Quote Originally Posted by saupacker View Post
    @Bomber and Wild

    Yes boys, I know. My limited Danish comes from there, I have a very good friend who is a knife smith near Haderslev. I'm also on exercise once a year near Vejle, but when there I'm trying to not speak to too many people then .
    Anyhow, the more south we'd meet the easier it would get for me.
    And yes, of course, by all means it'd be nice to have you down here here, too. Any plans for Sep10/11? I might have something interesting for you.

    All the best, saupacker
    Hi saupacker!

    I'm originally from Kolding, so the 'mojn' isn't that foreign to me

    Yeah it's always good to know a knifesmith!

    On our next hang, I'll pick up Bomber and we'll drive as far south as possible and then pick you up... Sounds ok? I've start a separate thread for this one: Danish/German Hang, so we don't mix up the two

    In regards to sep. 10/11 I know that Bomber will be attending the Scandinavian Hang in Sweden, so unfortunately it's a no go (my sons birthday is also on the 10th, so a no go for me also)
    Could the interesting part take place on another date? And what is the interesting part that you have?? Do tell!!

    Maybe the Scandinavian Hang might be something for you to consider? Read about it here:

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