Hello! I am looking to make an 8x10 silnylon tarp and wondered if anyone had any fabric they would want to trade? Maybe you bought it for a project you never got around to, or you have it hanging around extra?

Need two pieces 4x10. Do you have one? For other projects, I could also use 2 pieces around 5 feet by 6 feet, or one piece 5x10.

I have a few things I could trade:

1) primaloft pullover from LL Bean, blaze orange, kids' size XL but fits me as a small woman.

2) kids' hammock--purple hammock about 7.5 feet between the knots which I made for myself but which is too small for me! Fabric shows some wear.

3) I have some extra Dynaglide hanging about, great for bear bags. I'll even make you whoopies or an adjustable ridgeline out if it if you want!

4) Byer Amazonas hammock with netting. Had a small hole, which we repaired.

5) Kelty poncho/tarp, polyurethene coated nylon. This one's been around the world, literally, and could use a new coat of waterproofing.

6) I have LOTS of small scraps of silnylon--and one good-sized scrap of polyurethene coated nylon. I'll make you stuff sacks in just about any size you please!

7) I'm an awesome seamstress--got a tarp you need sewn? Tree huggers? Got an idea? Let me know what you want, and I'll make it happen!

8) My local Kmart carries grease pots if you can't find them near you. I use one as my primary cooking pot and you can too!!