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    Tutorial - SUL BugSock

    This tutorial is based on the ideas and work of others in the following threads -"

    This particular BugSock was sized for a GT Ultralight with a ridgeline of 97"
    Dimensions: 100” long x 48” deep
    Weight: 1.87oz.

    I used 108” wide Black Tulle that weighs .28oz per sqaure yard. (from
    Mini Cordlock (from Quest Outfitters)
    Short Mitten Hook (from Quest Outfitters)
    3-4” Black Polyester Ribbon (from my local Fabric store)
    Lightweight nylon drawstring (from my local craft store)

    Layout & cut single piece of Tulle according to the diagram below. Make sure the folded edge is at the top. Per SGT Rock's instructions, make the top approx 4” longer than the ridgeline and angle the head end to allowing the bottom to be approx 10” longer than the top.

    I use a hot knife to cut through both layers at once. This tends to fuse the 2 layers together, helping to keep everything lined up for sewing. Tulle can be quite ornery & doesn't like to stay lined up when going through the sewing machine.

    TIP: Take a pair of pliers and break off approx half of the blade on your hot knife. This will help keep the blade at an even temperature, allowing you to cut faster.

    Sew a 3” strip of folded ribbon on the foot end. Don't worry about trimming the ends yet.

    Start at the foot end and sew the 2 cut edges together. Pay careful attention to the 2 cut edges as sometimes the top and bottom layer won't feed at the same rate.

    Turn the entire mess inside out and run another row of stitching just inside the first row. Try to stay within the folded seam, so that you are stitching through 4 layers of fabric.

    Trim ends of ribbon you stitched on the foot end with a hot knife.

    Stitch a small 1-2” piece of ribbon on the inside top edge of the head end. This will reinforce the area where the drawstring enters the channel. Burn a small hole in the ribbon for the drawstring.

    Fold and stitch a drawstring channel along the head end.

    Install drawstring, mitten hook, cordlock.

    Disclaimer – This is not my design. JustJeff came up with the original concept of using a sock and SGT Rock furthered the idea and developed the BugSock.

    Thanks for your time.

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