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Fingernail polish remover (which contains acetone; I think) will remove sharpie ink; possibly paint thinner/methanol/heet will also. since the markers use alcohol related producs as the carrier for the ink, the same again should dissolve it- use paper towels, not the good shop towels....
Alcohol (even the strongest denatured alcohol) doesn't do a great job of removing Sharpie once completely dry. Nail polish remover does better - it can eat some plastics though.

MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) will remove sharpie, and give you a buzz if you use it inside (in other words, use it outside with good ventilation and wear nitrile gloves).

Why would you have MEK? It is used to prep dry bag material or vinyl type stuff for glueing with contact cement. A quart costs about $7 at Lowes/HD IIRC. It also cleans up paddles/plastic kayaks if you want to paint, glue, or otherwise repair them.