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    the zippers i've been using have been working out well. almost no problems at all.

    just have to adjust the way you're zipping up, shouldn't be much problem when the hammock is weighted, when un-weighted simply hold a finger in front of the zipper so loose fabric can't get in there. if it does, just pull sideways on the fabric and it will come out, that ofter works better than trying to un-zip the snag, but one or the other should work. i've never gotten a snag that did any damage to the zipper or the fabric.

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    I have a single and it rarely snags.
    It is just the nature of a zipper to hang once in a while.
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    Think maybe zipper wax would help?

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    Quote Originally Posted by odds View Post
    ...I have gotten into the habit of pulling zippers using my fingers to spread any material out of the way...
    I do something similar and haven't found this to be a problem.

    I actually have a long piece of line attached to the foot-end zipper which leads up to a prussic that is tied to the ridge line. This allows me to pull the line to close the zip while laying down (no need to sit up and struggle to get to the zipper).

    I find that using my left foot to hold the hammock fabric taught is all that is needed to prevent a snag. When one does occur, don't try to force it at all - just back off in the other direction and try again.

    Once the zip is closed I use my hand to push the prussic down the ridge line away from me. In the morning I can use my foot against the line to unzip the hammock, and then use my foot or hand to pull the prussic back up close to me (ready for next use).

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCPatrick View Post
    Think maybe zipper wax would help?
    probably not, i think the main cause is that the fabric (especially the 1.1 fabric) is very light, so especially when the hammock is empty, the fabric can flutter around easily if there is wind or the hammock is moving at all from you zipping it up. so sometimes the zipper slider will run over some loose fabric and need to be pulled loose.

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    I just got my 1.7 double and that is the first thing that happened. The zipper got hunt in the loose inner layer. But zippers are known for this.

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