I've been watching HF for quite a while now. I got an ENO doublenest several months back and have really enjoyed having it pitched in the back yard and once or twice at work on slow days.

Since I'm the type that has to exhaustively research everything on the Internet, I've read a huge volume of information here as well as Just Jeff's site. Additionally, I've watched many videos by Shug, Grizz, and Opie regarding hammock camping.

So as a result, I've been trying hammock camping in the back yard just for fun. I pretty much live in a swamp, so I've got the utmost confidence in my bug net. Ditto my tarp, as I slept through T.S. Bonnie bone dry. I already had a backpacking trip with some friends of mine in N. AL scheduled in October, so now I'm considering ditching the tent and packing my hammock gear instead.

So, greetings from the Republic of West Florida, and many thanks to Opie, Shug, Grizz, Just Jeff, and all the other fantastic contributors to the subject!