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    Quote Originally Posted by GrizzlyAdams View Post
    dang right you should know this BB58!

    The angles will change as you load the hammock, and the angles to be concerned about are those of the loaded hammock. So yep, you may start with an angle that is less than 30 degrees, but after you jump into the hammock it may approach 30 degrees, depending.

    ain't hammock physics phun?
    It is phun. And that is in fact what I thought I knew( that the angles to be concerned about were what you get AFTER loading), but it seemed like something worthy of double checking. By asking some one more knowledgeable about the angle of the dangles than me.

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    I started a thread on Brion's method here. Brion has the description and illustrations in the book I referenced. He calls the method the McDonald Brummel, named after his illustrator.

    I contacted Brion Toss by email about scanning and posting his description and illustrations, but he was in FL at the time and his front office guy forwarded the email to his lawyer and said I would have to wait on Brion's return.

    OldGringo found on on-line pictorial of the method and I posted a link in this post.

    Then silentorpheous found a video and posted the link in this post.

    The illustrations that Brion uses are easier for me to really see what is happening, but the pictures and video are pretty good also.

    I think I got some reply from Brion but my email provider had put it in the spam folder and I had erased the contents after scanning the titles very fast and only afterward remembered seeing something. But by that time we had the two links above and I didn't pursue the matter.

    I find the McDonald Brummel to be fairly simple to do. In some respects it is simpler than the Sansom Ropes method if you have a really long rope. If you are putting a locked brummel on both ends of the rope, then Brion's McDonald Brummel is easier for me. TeeDee uses locked brummels on both ends of the cord used in the arc on our Bridge Hammocks and since the second locked brummel must be done using only one end of the rope, Brion's McDonald Brummel is the only game in town.

    Quote Originally Posted by nacra533 View Post
    It sounds like we are.

    I didn't mean to indicate that the crossing of the two lines without the bury was the splice if it sounded that way. I perform a locked brummel the same way samson does when both ends of the line are available. When only one end is, I use foul language and do it the NE ropes way. I'd like to see Toss' method, it's got to be easier than the NE ropes way.

    As you stated, the strength is in the bury, not the locking or weaving. Those are for the low load condition.

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