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    How to tell the difference

    how can I tell the difference between nylon, polyester, or maybe even polypro for fabrics?

    does polyester/ polypro come in ripstop?

    what material would be best for a hammock body?

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    get samples from and

    get samples of all the breathable nylons, and also waterproof silicone impregnated ripstop. also get pu coated ripstop 1.1 and 1.9oz/yd

    you will then be able to tell what you are looking at. polyester looks different. it is silkier and softer.

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    I am mostly talking about hammock materials. I have somewhere around here samples of 1.9 un, 1.9 pu, and 1.1 sil.

    i guess i wasnt clear enough, it is fir the body; some complained about nylon being sticky on hot days, and how it stretches. would polyester make a good body, and does it come ripstop/ does it matter?

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    polyester does come in ripstop, but it doesn't really matter. what matters is the wt/yd. polyester is also alot harder to find. good luck.

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    Poly feels softer.

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