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    Hi from Central Louisiana

    Hello to all. I have been on here a couple of months. I have posted a few things but I don't think I have posted anything under "Introduce Yourself."
    I am not new to camping but I am new to backpacking. It is going to take me a while to obtain my gear but I do not have the time to use it if I had it at this time. I will be retired in a couple of years and that is when I will begin in earnest.

    I have changed my mind numerous time since I have been reading posts on this forum. I went from Clark to Hennessey and now I am thinking WBBB. I was going to attempt to make my own. I think I can probably make a hammock but I need a bug net and that is what is causing a road block. I am not sure I have the skill to make a hammock with a bug net. Here in Louisiana you pretty much need a bug net year round.

    Anyway, I enjoy this forum and the people on it. Everyone is so helpful and willing to take time to help the newbies. I can say this . . . I will have to make a Gorge trip as soon as possible. Sounds like the hanger's Mecca. I guess the closest I have come to the Gorge is when I was motoring on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Did I come close to the Gorge?

    Looking forward to meeting you guys and gals sometime. Take care.

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    Welcome to the forum. Yes, sometimes the hardest part is making up your mind on which hammock to buy. You'll get lots of help here.

    Crazy Hammock Lady

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    Welcome Rive Rat. If you feel you might have the skills to make a hammock. Then you should be able to use those same skills to make a bug net. Sgt Rock and PapaSmurf both have recent threads in the DIY section on making good serviceable bugnets at very reasonable prices. You might want to check them out.

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