i've been looking at zippers both on line & locally. not finding what i want local.

turns out there's a fair amount to learn & pay attention to in zipper terminology. maybe this should lead to an article.

i'll start with a few things i picked up & then ask for corrections & suggestions.

two basic types... coil & tooth
the length of coil or tooth is referred to as the "chain".

the chain may be "separating" (like a full zip jacket) or "non-separating" (like the short zipper on a pull over).
if both ends are sewn together (like a pocket) it may be referred to as "closed on both ends".

they seem to come in sizes 2.5 to 10, with 10 being the biggest.
one site gives as a general rule that #5 is used on clothing & #7 & #8 on gear (tents & sleeping bags).

the "slider" is the piece that slides along separating or joining the chain.
the slider may be "locking" or "non-locking".

a zipper can have two sliders so it can be unzipped from either end. this is called a "two way zipper".

the "tab" or "pull tab" is the flat piece that you grab & pull the slider with.
most zippers have a "single tab" but if the clothing is reversible or the gear is opened & closed from both sides (like a tent or sleeping bag) it may have a "double tab".
"i think"... that a reversible tab is one that can follow a loop around the slider from one side to the other. this would be fine on a reversible jacket, but would not be practical on a tent or sleeping bag.

please feel free to add & correct.

now what led me to all this is an upcoming project, a travel pod.
it will have one long zipper on top from above the head to below the feet.
i have that zipper (recovered from a fleece bag).

it will also have a shorter zipper on each side that goes from the top of the long zipper down to just below the top of the hammock sides.

this will allow a large triangle of fabric on one or both sides to drop down as a door.

the shorter zippers will probably be at least 20", but shorter than 30".
i have decided to use a two way zipper so i can reach out the bottom with out opening it very far.
these zippers will be non-separating so a longer zipper can be shortened if needed.

the 3 sites i have found zippers that may work on are...
outdoor wilderness fabrics (OWF).
they have a two way separating, #8, 75", double tab, non locking, but they are $11.63 ea.

the rain shed has several possibilities including (under miscellaneous zippers) a #8, tooth, two way, 30" for $3.70.

ragged mountain (see fabric & repair) has several also. they say "double slider" but don't say "double tab" (as in a pull tab on both sides of the slider).

question #1...does a double slider always have a double tab?

#2... i'm thinking at least one of you guys used the continuous zipper (by the foot), but it seems that i remember you talking about it being a challenge to put it together. how was it???
thanks. ...tim