Anyone near the COS area...there's a GoLite warehouse sale at 4136 East Bijou, just SE of the Academy-Platte intersection. Everything is 50-70% off. I went down there today and got Jennifer and me new packs and rain pants...saved about $250 off retail.

She got her first backpacking pack...Peak for $62. I got a 4000+ ci pack (Pinnacle for $87) for when she can't fit everything in hers... I'm happy to carry some extra stuff to get her packing with me, and I usually carry a little extra winter gear when Joker and I go. Now I have plenty of extra room and don't have to worry about how to fit everything into my Miniposa. Even at such a big volume and with a few bells and whistles, it's still only 2 lbs. Given the discount, I figured it was worth it. It was pretty comfortable in the store.

I also considered buying, but didn't:
- Ultralight 3 season quilt - 25 oz, 20F, 800fp, $147 (It's bigger than the Ultra)
- Synthetic 1+ season quilt - ~25 oz (don't remember exactly), 40F, $120

They also had a down 1 season quilt but I don't remember the stats...those were the only quilts they had.

Lots of other sleeping bags for all seasons, many of them center zip and would work very well in a hammock. Some very narrow ones to save weight, and some semi-rectangular ones if you need more space inside.

They had shorts, windgear, raingear, coats, jackets, vests, hydration packs, fleeces, down jackets, t-shirts, sports bras, hiking pants, tarps and tents, etc...basically the entire GoLite line.

And there was no crowd...the one in Boulder has lines around the building.

If you're in the area, it's worth checking out.