I've finally limited down my hammock options to two:
the HH Hyperlite and the HH Deep Jungle.

I'm trying to go ultra-light and be cost effective.
I will probably do most of my camping during summer, some fall, some spring, and MAYBE even a little winter.

So what I am factoring is ultralightness, comfort, insulation, and cost.
The Deep Jungle has a double layer place to put an included bubble pad that weighs about 10 oz. and with the Hyperlight I could go with the Super Shelter but it would cost much more.

BUT, I don't want to carry Deep Jungle and need Super Shelter also and I want to factor in the comfort between the pad and the UQ.

So I ask you hammock experts out there, what should I do???

Also, I'v read in many places around here how people have gotten HH hammocks 50% off and and I would not mind getting in on this. How can I get the best deal?

Lastly, the Deep Jungle has a zip where as the Hyperlite has the bottom entry and I have tried neither of these out, but they both sound appealing to me....

Thanks everybody!