Hi All. I've just discover this whole new world (to me anyway) of hammock camping and found this forum to be an encyclopedia of info. Years ago I backpacked and canoed extensively in New England, but that ended after a helicopter accident left my back messed up.

Now that I'm located in NM, I'd really like to get back out on the trail again and my interest was sparked when I tried out my neighbor's hammock that he has set up in his backyard. I couldn't believe how comfortable it was. I searched the Web for more hammock info and found this site and got blown away by all of the information and resources available.

What really tipped the scales for me and sparked my interest in hammock camping was viewing Shug's entertaining and informative videos. If there is a Hammock Hall of Fame, he should be a charter member! While I'll never reach his level of deep winter antics, he's been my inspiration to give hammock camping a whirl.

I've placed an order for a Claytor Jungle Hammock and can't wait to try it out here in NM. Anyway, I look forward to learning more and hanging with you guys and gals here in the forum.