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    Another Satisfied Customer

    Just wanted to echo the other threads about the great service from AHE. Ordered a Lost River and a 2-line tarp ridge line during the sale, along with a couple of odds and ends, and received it all in about 3 days. Great turnaround when I know Paul was really busy.

    Had a chance to try it out this weekend for 2 nights in Cranberry Wilderness, WV, and it all worked great. First time I was using a hammock on the trail, and first time with an UQ, so I had a little trial and error. I was surprised by how even a little separation between the hammock and the UQ resulted in a pretty good chill, even with temps in the mid-50s. I started with the UQ pretty loose in the mistaken impression that I might not really need it much. Quickly learned about my mistake, snugged it up tighter, and that seemed to solve the problem. Can't say I found the sweet spot in my Speer, but that's for another thread.

    The tarp ridgeline was great. The ease of set up and adjustability made my life alot easier. Trying to adjust the ridgeline in the backyard was a real pain before I bought these. One question -- after rain overnight, the prussic knots seemed to "lock up" and were very difficult to adjust. Is this normal, or was there some sort of user error involved?

    Thanks, again, Paul for the great service.

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    The Prussics will get tighter with use, but 2 things can cure it, first bending the line back and forth to loosen the tension will get them sliding again. The second thing is taking a loop or two out of the prussic to reduce the tension. They kind of have a break in time of a hang or two for the line to really get locking tight and can then grip with less loops.

    Glad you liked the gear.
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    I'm also very impressed with his customer service... he shipped on the same day that I placed my order!

    After so many years of shopping online and shopping at mega-stores, I almost forgot what it was like to shop in those little mom & pop stores - the ones that go out of their way to help out a customer, even if they don't make a sale, or even if they just make a couple dollars.

    So far, I've ordered a tarp from OES, a hammock from Warbonnet, and a ridge line from arrowhead. These guys are 3 for 3 at knocking my socks off. Who says that "made in America" can't compete with the Chinese!!!

    Great job guys!

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