Hey everyboby,

When I first joined the Forum I needed a "handle" or "nickname", so I made one up. I was starting
to get into skiing, and the idea of backcountry skiing, plus when I went hiking it was almost
exclusively in the mountains so the name Slopes seemed to fit. Done. But I've always been a
fan of endearing nicknames given by others so the concept of trailnames was very appealing to me.

Patiently I waited, sometimes not so patiently.

So obviously the day has come, so here it is . . .

:: drumroll ::



So . . . it fits me. I would consider myself one of the "good guys" . . . posess some leadership
qualities . . . I'm always "optimistic", and like to "optimize" my gear and techniques . . .

The name was born when my buddy Mapkin (new member) saw me un-snap my down sleeves
from my down vest, snap the vest to my down 2/3 UQ (converting it into a full UQ), slide the
sleeves over my feet, and slide comfy cozy into the hammock.

So Dear Mr. Moderators when you have chance, could you please change my username to reflect . . .

My new Trailname !

:: holding breath ::

I'm so proud!