@Adam et al:
At present I'm still tagging along with my HH supershelter, but being that good ole' fall and winter are just around the bend I'm very seriously considering some real warmth, ie one of stormcrow's poducts. I do have a couple of questions beforehand and maybe some of you can help me:

1) In the service I'm still obliged to use my sleeping bag at times and I have a very decent down one. Now, apart from its being easier to get into in a hammock, are there other advantages of a good TQ over a good sleeping bag for "above the hammock warmth"?
2) For the UQ I'm undecided between a (winter) incubator and a (winter) crowsnest. I normally hike to my hammock hangs, so volume (and eventually weight) is a factor. I know that you shouldn't store down quilts compressed over an extended time, but for transport it will have to do. Does anybody have a picture of one or both of the above in a compressed bag? How much volume will it be? And how much of a difference is there between the two when compressed?

Thanks for your help!