Howdy y'all,

I currently own one hammock , a HH Exped. and am in need of staying warm. I also might be able to make a spear hammock if I find enough material, kinda doubt that though.

I have tested pads and am not a fan. I hear underquilts are much more comfortable and warmer so that sounds like a good idea. That is, except when I saw how spendy they were

I was reading another thread on this forum when I heard a member suggest buying ripstop nylon and some quilt batting from Walmart to make your own cheap underquilt. This sounds very interesting, but I do have a few questions:

Would I put the quilt batting directly under my person or in an undercover? If I need an undercover well, then I would have to learn how to make one for my HH Exped.

I also heard of another alternative of simply buying a down sleeping bag and somehow turning that into your under quilt.

If someone could point me in the right direction as to how to create an undercover for my HH (if I need too for quilt batting) or point out how to create an underquilt from a down sleeping bag I would greatly appreciate it.

someone in need of warmth and comfort