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    We had our scouts in Piasgah a week ago. We went up the Turkey Pen road to the trail head and hiked about 1.5 miles in to our campsite on the South Mills River. We had rain for about 4 hours on Saturday afternoon. This taught us which scouts need a refresher course in properly seting up camp and what they need to do to stay dry. Glad you all had a good trip.


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    Quote Originally Posted by slowhike View Post
    Have you been to the "Cradle of Forestry"? I've wanted to check it out but not got there yet.
    Is it geared for adults as well a kids?
    It's a great younger kid friendly site (Cradle of Forestry) They have the learning center with a scavenger hunt thing the kids can do to earn a small prize. There are 2 walking loops each about a mile long. Basically one on each side of 276, they have beautiful scenery and some original structures from the area. This area is the site of the first forestry school in the US and they give you some of its history. During many weekends they have local craftsmen throughout the site making toys, baskets, etc. It is a very pleasant place to spend several hours. That stretch of 276 from the park entrance at Brevard to the Blue Ridge Parkway is packed with things to do with kids and adults, trout hatchery, sliding rock, Looking Glass falls, Avery Creek, Cradle of Forestry, etc.

    On the other side of 276 from the Davidson River Campground are the White Pines group camping areas. There are 2 areas denoted as North and South. It is a good area to camp with kids. It is primitive camping, with a permanent outhouse. (Recommend you camp late spring / early summer before a lot of summer hiker use) Avery Creek is in front of you for the kids to play in and a mountain behind you for them to climb.

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    If memory serves me correctly, the White Pines Group camping areas aren't ideal hammocking sites, nice for ground dwellers though. My preference would be to go just beyond those group sites and stay at one of the roadside campsites. Besides the numerous options of trees, another advantage is these sites are free, first come first serve. My preference is Site #4 almost all the way back to the creek. Continue past the horse stables and when you reach the top of the mountain, there you will find the elusive single campsite that always seems to be occupied when I get there.

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